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About the FLASHbox:

Version 3.1
Customisable Shout! button text
Text and Date colours will be customisable separately
Version 3.0
Emoticon/Smiley support (Finally! Thanks to Jolan's SmileyTextField =])
View Shout history
Filesize increase from ~8kb to ~40kb
Version 2.1 Xtal Slim
Width: 125px
Height: 325px
Filesize: ~8kb
Version 2.1 Xtal Mini
Width: 125px
Height: 220px
Filesize: ~8kb
Version 2.1 Normal and Version 2.1 Xtal
Filesize: ~8kb
Version 2
mySQL database is used instead of XML datafile
Version 1
Width: 170px
Height: 340px
Filesize: ~55kb
What it is made up of:
1. FLASH interface
2. XML datafile
3. PHP files for interactivity with server
Major Changes/Updates:

22 March 2006
Account Verification Checker added
5 March 2006
1. Email Verification System for User Sign up added
2. Verify and Activate Account page for account verification and activation added
28 January 2006
Users can now view up to 200 Shouts in their Shout History page instead of the previous 99 Shouts.
16 January 2006
"Terms and Conditions" agreement added to Sign up! form
12 January 2006
Major revamp of backend system
Changes include:
- Use of PHP template instead of Dreamweaver template
- Cookies authentification changed to Sessions authentification
- Pages streamlined
10 January 2006
"Archive Shouts" function in User Admin Panel implemented
5 January 2006
"Change User ID" function in User Admin Panel implemented
3 January 2006
Profanity (bad word) filter added
2 January 2006
"Check User ID Availability" added to the sign up page
31 December 05
Code in Javascript Unicode available for Xanga users, accessible via the User Admin Panel
28 December 05
1. IP address banning implemented which is accessible via the User Admin Panel
2. New (supposedly neater) code making use of Javascript released
19 November 05
"password reset request form" now processes the requests automatically
11 November 05
1. The "Sign up" page revamped to make use of PHP validation instead of Javascript validation.
2. Two Admin Panel pages have been upgraded with radio buttons.
- Edit Shouts
- Delete Shouts: Multiple Shout deletion introduced
3. Email notification now in HTML format
8 November 05
"password reset request" status page added
2 November 05
1. "password reset request form" added
2. Limit of 320 characters for each Shout imposed
25 October 05 is now
6 October 05
Version 3.1 released
8 September 05
Account Removal automated
25 August 05
Database design for storing Shouts streamlined to store one less column of data
More flexible editing of timezone ie. the time-stamp of all Shouts will be automatically adjusted when the timezone setting is changed
11 July 05
Version 3.0 released
30 June 05
Version 2.2 (Refresh button added) released
Height of FLASHbox Normal & Xtal reduced to 330 px
25 June 05
Colour chooser for FLASHbox Settings modified to give more colours
15 June 05
Version 2.1 of FLASHbox Xtal Slim released
Version 2.1 of FLASHbox Xtal Mini released
10 June 05
Version 2.1 of FLASHbox Normal released
Version 2.1 of FLASHbox Xtal released
FLASHbox size reduced from 55kb to 8kb link changed to button
Info button added
23 May 05
Admin Panel updates:
Account Removal
15 May 05
Admin Panel up (~50% implemented)
14 May 05
Launch of for public use
11 May 05 (Version 2)
XML datafile is changed to mySQL database
Site revamped
mySQL FLASHbox under testing
Users can now choose how many entries to display
Code for deployment reduced
15 Feb 05
Title in FLASHbox removed, larger display space for shouts
8 Feb 05
Tabbing for fields implemented